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Kai was one of the first makers to manufacture Western shaped knives using Japanese materials, mainly Japanese super steels. With the creation of Shun Cutlery Kai introduced thin, light-weight ultra-hard Japanese steel knives to the North American Market, a legacy that has shaped the culinary industry today. Each Shun knife is carefully constructed in a state-of-the-art process that includes over 100 steps, many of which are completed by hand. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and innovative design Shun has become one of the best known names in kitchen cutlery. Shun knives come in a wide variety of shapes including many desireable Western blade designs that aren't typically available in Japanese steel. Shun provides high-quality tools and phenomenal customer service. Shun knives come with free lifetime re-sharpening and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.
Shun Kanso Shun Kanso Knives are designed to withstand many hours of heavy use in busy kitchens. Tough AUS10 steel can be easily maintained with a honing steel. Tumbled steel blades hide scratches. Uniquely shaped blades facilitate a smooth rocking motion to improve cutting performance. These are workmen knives that were thoughtfully designed for ease of use and reliable performance.
Shun Classic Shun Classic Knives are the mainstay of Shun's robust offering. Traditional D shaped wa handles with sleek damascus blades, these knives look elegant and perform like a dream. Proprietery VG-Max steel blades are hardened to 61 Rockwell Hardness which is very hard. These knives will hold an edge for a very long time which is ideal for cooks that want to sharpen infrequently. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes the Shun Classic Series is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to build a matching set of knives.
Shun Classic Blonde Shun Classic Blonde Knives are identical in design and build to the Shun Classic line with the exception of the handle itself. The Classic Blonde Series features light blonde Pakkawood handles that look great in modern kitchens with a bright aesthetic. The Classic Blonde line offers a fresh take on the beloved Classic series. Like the original, they perform well and look beautiful.
Shun Premier Shun Premier Knives are larger handled than most Japanese knives which makes for a very comfortable grip. Hammered Damascus Tsuchime blades are eye-catching and functional as they help food release cleanly while cutting. The thick core of VG-Max steel stays sharp without the need to hone between uses. The Shun Premier Series is Shun's premium stainless steel knife line. 
Shun Narukami Shun Narukami Knives were designed with the professional cook or serious knife enthusiast in mind. In terms of performance and ease of sharpening carbon steel is preferable to stainless steel, however carbon still is susceptible to rusting. Shun presents a phenomenal solution with the Narukami line; carbon cores clad in stainless offer the best of both worlds. Narukami knives require slightly more care than their stainless counterparts, but we feel the effort is well rewarded in terms of performance. You'll enjoy watching the knife's pattern change as the edge develops a protective patina during use. 
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Shun offers a full range of storage options including countertop Knife Blocks, In-Drawer Trays, and professional Tool Rolls and Culinary Luggage. Proper storage helps ensure your knives and tools are kept in the best condition and can be easily accessed whenever needed. 

Shun Accessories

Shun Accessories

Cutting boards, shears, honing steels and more. These tools are well made and beautifully crafted to make meal prep easier and to help you care for your Shun Cutlery.