About Us

Thank you for visiting our website. I am Chef David Holly; I operate the Knife Merchant with my daughter Meghan. Many cooks know us from our San Diego operations which dated back to 1998. As Covid changed the business climate for so many companies, we found it best to reposition ourselves to a new location in Alcoa, TN. This move ensures that we can maintain sales prices that are competitive with or better than those of the mega-merchants that dominate the internet retail industry. We have always considered service and product selection to be paramount, but we also want to make certain that our customers receive great pricing when they shop with our company.

Highly touted for our customer service, we like to provide individualized service to every order. Our unique placement in the market allows us to process high volume accounts and receive the best possible pricing while maintaining the personalized service that you should expect when working with a small business. We enjoy building relationships with our customers and strive to make ourselves available to answer questions, lend expertise and address whatever needs you may have.

Knife Merchant was founded to help cooks, like myself, acquire quality and specialized tools and knives that are hard to find. Although many of our customers are not Food Service Professionals, we will only offer products that are of a suitable quality to bear the strain of working in a Professional Kitchen.

Whether you are a professional, a gourmet, or just making meals for the family, we are here to service your needs. It is our intention to present you with a nice selection of products to help you succeed and really find enjoyment in the art of cooking. The right tools really help to make cooking fun. We do not choose our products based on whether or not they will sell but based on our belief that these are the right tools for the job and that you will be pleased with your purchase. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please give us a call.

Please feel free to contact us and take advantage of our years of cooking experience. We can help to select the items that suit both your needs and your budget. I have personally used most every item in our inventory and can provide an educated opinion on their usage. This is a service that we like to offer and I hope that you’ll take advantage of it.

David J Holly

Chef David Holly