Minonokuni Matsu 180mm Kama-Usuba

The Kamagata Usuba is the traditional Japanese predecessor to the santoku. These knives are used for slicing and chopping vegetables. The long, straight cutting surface of this knife enables you to create very precise cuts and to work very quickly. Kama-usubas are similar to the traditional usuba shape with the added value of a sharpened tip that can be used to make piercing cuts or carvings. The Matsu 180mm Kama-Usuba is made with Aogami-ko HonKasumi Blue steel. This steel is very hard and can be sharpened to a very thin edge. Ideally used on a soft wooden cutting board (like Hinoki), this knife will offer the ultimate edge retention and ease of cutting. 

This knife iincludes a matching saya. 

The Minonokuni Matsu 180mm Kama-Usuba is made of pure carbon steel (not stainless). Carbon steel takes a beautiful edge and can be re-sharpened very easily, but does need to be washed and dried immediately after use. Learn about the Care and Maintenance of Carbon Steel Knives

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    Weight: 6.65 ounces

    Additional Info

    Blade Length (Inches) 7 in.
    Blade Length (mm) 160 mm
    Grind Urasuki Chisel
    Steel Type Blue
    Rockwell Hardness No
    Brand Minonokuni
    SKU Matsu-1588
    Manufacturer's Part Number 1588

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