F. Dick Expert Grip 6 in. Curved Stiff Boning

The F. Dick Expert Grip 2K Stiff Boning Knife is designed for high usage deboning work. The unique handle is designed to not only be highly ergonomic, for comfort, but also features a slip proof handle even when wet or greasy. This is what we refer to as a "double pour" handle. Meaning that there is a hard-inner core encased in a soft grip. This is to ensure that no bacteria can become wedged between the blade and handle.

  • The boning knife is used to cleanly separate the bone from the meat, a process known as boning. It is also used for skinning meat and poultry and cutting through tendons. The boning knife’s primary use is it to separate meat from the bone.

  • Hardly any other knife is subjected to such stress and strain as a boning knife. It must prove itself as a reliable and safe helper in all work processes. In the meat industry, in slaughtering and cutting, as well as in butchers' shops, the boning knife must continually demonstrate its quality. NSF Certified, Made in Germany.

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    • Boning knives must be very sharp, durable and resilient as well as having all the necessary safety features, such as an ergonomically shaped handle with finger guard. It must also comply with the hygienic food law requirements. When used in slaughterhouses and cutting plants, functional handles are an absolute must for ergonomic, safe and fatigue-free work. The boning knife must sit comfortably and securely in the hand without slipping, as professional knives are in continuous use for hours on end.
    • The boning knife is your most important tool in everyday work, so with our professional quality we guarantee you lasting cutting power – for a clean cut through the meat fibres and precise guidance of the knife along the bone. This allows for effortless, fatigue-free work. Your wrists are not subjected to unnecessary strain. After all, working with a dull boning knife requires more strength, places greater strain on the joints, increases the risk of accidents and can lead to tension and pain.

    Additional Info

    Blade Length (Inches) 6 in.
    Blade Length (mm) 152 mm
    Grind 50/50 Bevel
    Steel Type X55CrMo14
    Rockwell Hardness 56
    Brand Friedrich Dick
    SKU D8 2191 15-66
    Manufacturer's Part Number 8219115-66

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