F. Dick Dark Nitro Sharpening Steel

The F. Dick Dark Nitro is a new innovation in German manufacturing using new state of the art techniques to develop harder steel knives with tighter grain structures and higher HRC. In doing so Freidrich Dick needed to Develop steels that can straighten and align the edge on harder steeel knives. This unique Dark Nitro Steel has a special surface for very high abrasion and is therefore particularly suitable for hard knives. The oval shape of the blade provides large contact for the knife and therefore more effective sharpening results. The pear-shaped handle design sits comfortably and safely in the hand. This is truly a one of a kind German masterpiece brought to you by the company that has been pioneering honing steels since the early 1800's. 

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    • The high-quality DarkNitro knife series is manufactured with a passion for craftsmanship using modern production technology. We recommend cleaning by hand with a soft cloth and a mild alkaline detergent. Wipe the knives after cleaning to ensure that they are thoroughly dry – this will prevent any pitting on the blade For long-term protection, you should occasionally “ pamper” the oak handles with food-grade oils (e.g. olive oil). To do this, lightly rub oil into the handle. This prevents the ingress of moisture and also refreshes the natural grain and colour of the wood.
    • The oak handle symbolises endurance, power and strength. The sharp and clear line of the handle reinforces the knife's aesthetics. We use the finest robust oak wood for the handle. Oak trees are known for their longevity; a tree can grow over 800 years old. The oak tree is shrouded in legend and steeped in history and is known for being one of the main deciduous trees in Europe. Ships were built with oak as long as 1,000 years ago and until today, oak barrels are used to store special whisky and wine. So it's no wonder that we chose an oak handle for our new unique series of knives.
    • Steel length: 11.8 in
    • Height: 1.2 in
    • Length including handle: 18.9 in

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    SKU D7 1103 30-2
    Material Steel
    Brand Friedrich Dick
    Manufacturer's Part Number 71103302

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