F. Dick 1778 Paring Knife

F. Dick 1778 Petty Knife 4.7 in. (120mm) A Kasumi(two-steel) style German blade featuring a cutting core of high-alloy Double X VG 12 Carbon Steel. This unique steel formula contains high end ingredietns like cobalt, manganese and molybdenum. The steel is then embedded in two layers of stainless steel for stain resistance and durability.

  • This Blade will offer a superior edge that can be sharpened on the finest grit stones that will last longer and require less sharpening over the life of the knife. This knife are sharpened by hand on whetstone before being boxed. Handle is made of select plum tree wood. This knife will last its user for a long time. This is High Carbon VG12 Steel so do not dishwash and sharpen by hand on a stone. 

  • Cutting and cooking will become a weightless pleasure thanks to the extremely thin and sharp cutting edge. The knives are perfectly controllable, fit well in your hand, create a pleasant feeling when cutting and produce a stunning, clean cut. Perfectly balanced and ultra-sharp – working with the 1778 knives becomes a fascinating experience.

  • Made in Germany.

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  • Details

    • All of the knives in the “1778” series are sharpened and whetted by hand. The handles and cutting edge of each and every knife are forged by hand by F. DICK specialist craftsmen and inspected in accordance with Friedr. Dicks' high quality.
    • Each knife is a unique specimen solely because of its handle that is made of selected plum tree wood. The core of this chef's knife consists of a wafer-thin layer of high-alloy Double X VG 12 carbon steel. This makes cutting particularly efficient and considerably lengthens the life time of the cutting edge. This keeps the knife sharp for longer and the cutting edge needs to be resharpened less often.
    • The development work on the 1778 knife series combined the technical advantages of carbon steel with those of a harmless, food-safe, stainless, high-alloy steel.
    • The cutting core of the knife that is based on a special formula contains ingredients like cobalt, manganese and molybdenum, guaranteeing a smoother texture and thus ensuring finer and more even cutting. This special steel was embedded in two layers of stainless steel. This skilfully combined the advantages of both steels.
    • The valuable knives of the 1778 series deserve very special attention and care in maintenance. Properly cared for, each of these knives will be a friend for life. For long-term protection, the blade and the natural wooden handle should be lubricated with a good, food-safe oil from the kitchen (e.g. olive oil). Under no circumstances should the knife be put in the dishwasher. Otherwise, the extremely fine cutting edge will become slightly bent and lose its optimal cutting performance. In addition, the handle is made of natural wood and is by no means dishwasher-safe. Ideally, you should rinse your knife with clean water immediately after use and then clean it with a soft cloth and dry it.

    Additional Info

    Blade Length (Inches) 4.7 in.
    Blade Length (mm) 120 mm
    Grind 50/50 Bevel
    Steel Type Double X VG 12
    Rockwell Hardness 61
    Brand Friedrich Dick
    SKU D8 1647 12H
    Manufacturer's Part Number 8164712H

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