F. Dick 11 in. Extra Large Butcher Knife

F. Dick 11 in. Butcher Knife with an extra wide blade, feels more like a cleaver. The blade is very wide at 3.8 inches wide; even the handle measures 1.5 inches by 1 inches in the middle of the handle where your palm sits. This butcher knife is ideal for cutting large slabs of meat. Weighs in at 2 pounds 4 oz. The curved blade is known as American style. The strongly curved blade, which is very pointed towards the front, is ideal for cutting steaks.

  • The elongated cutting edge simplifies handling and the knife can glide along easily when cutting. This allows for long cuts that can be made in a flowing movement, while the more comfortable hand position protects your wrist. Which shape you choose depends on the type of application.

  • Butcher’s knives must be very sharp, durable and resilient as well as having all the necessary safety features, such as an ergonomically shaped handle. It must also comply with the hygienic food law requirements. When used in slaughterhouses and cutting plants, functional handles are an absolute must for ergonomic, safe and fatigue-free work. The butcher’s knife must sit comfortably and securely in the hand without slipping, as professional knives are in continuous use for hours on end. The finger guard on the handle prevents your hand from accidentally slipping off and coming into contact with the knife blade.

  • German Made

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    • For our butcher’s knives, we exclusively use high-quality knife alloys (X55CrMo14) and material compositions for the blade and handle. The blade's balanced hardness of 56° HRC significantly reduces material consumption and ensures that the cutting edge has a long life time. For you, this means considerably less sharpening. In our special hardening process, each blade is individually case-hardened and monitored – with optimum results in terms of hardness and structure. Each cutting edge is given a polishing finish: even sharper, even faster, even better – also thanks to the knife's cutting edge and blade geometry.
    • You can rely on F. Dick's professional quality: the knife retains its cutting ability and edge retention for a very long time. This allows for effortless, fatigue-free work. Your wrists are not subjected to unnecessary strain. After all, working with a dull butcher’s knife requires more strength, places greater strain on the joints, increases the risk of accidents and can lead to tension and pain.
    • With the polished blade, we guarantee the highest level of hygiene. This means that less residue can adhere to the blade, making them corrosion-resistant and easier to clean. There is no gap at the blade exit from the handle, and the handle absorbs neither grease nor dirt. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and resistant to heat, shocks and abrasion.

    Additional Info

    Blade Length (Inches) 11 in.
    Blade Length (mm) 280 mm
    Blade Width (inches) 3.8
    Grind 50/50 Bevel
    Steel Type X55CrMo14
    Rockwell Hardness 56
    Handle Material Plastic
    Spine Thickness (mm) 7.7
    Brand Friedrich Dick
    SKU D8 2642 28
    Manufacturer's Part Number 8264228
    Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $135.00

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