Minonokuni sharpening stones are made in Japan to compliment the Minonokuni knife line. They are well-priced, well-made and well suited for professional use.

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  • Minonokuni 220 grit Waterstone

    Minonokuni 220 Grit Whetstone Dimensions:(210mm x 70mm x 20mm) This aggressive stone is intended for use with knives that have damaged edges; chips, reverse curves, broken tips, bevel setting. This knife will rquire a fair amount of water so be sure to soak it. Made in Japan. Learn More
  • Minonokuni 1000 grit Waterstone

    210 x 70 x 20mm | 8.25 x 2.75 x .8 inches
    The Minonokuni 1000 grit waterstone is the most commonly used grit waterstone. This stone is intended for daily maintenance and establishing an edge on a dull knife. Needs to be soaked in water (usually until the bubbles stop) before use. Learn More
  • Minonokuni 4000 grit Waterstone

    Minonokuni 4000 Grit Waterstone: (210mm x 70mm x 20mm)
    This is an excellent finishing stone which gives good feedback, creates a nice slurry and is resistant to dishing. It imparts a nice mirror finish. If you want just two stones for your knife maintenance, the Minonokuni 1000 and 4000 are a great combination. Much better finish than you would expect for this grit size. The creation of this stone was based on specifications by our Minonokuni craftsmen and was throughly tested and in regular use here at the Knife Merchant. Learn More
  • Minonokuni Sharpening Stone Set

    This is the Minonokuni 3 piece sharpening stone bundle. These are fantastic stones for any sharpener due to their quality and sharpening properties.

    Items Included: 220 Grit - Great for very dull or damaged knives. Use this stone to form a burr and set a bevel.

    1000 Grit - Maintenance stone for touching up dull knives. Frequently used to refine or continuing to establish the bevel and form a burr.

    4000 Grit - The finest grit stone in this set. Intended to polish the marks left from the previous stones so the knife's edge is as smooth as possible. Ideal for cutting fish and meat.

    Made in: Japan Learn More

4 Item(s)

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